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HINOKISOKEN Nakatsugawa City is in the East of Gifu Prefecture.Our company is located here,in the verycenter of Japan. Since long ago Nakatsugawa City has prospered as a posting station along the Nakasend path,one of the major routed in Japan. The region has also developed as a gateway to the Kiso area in close range of Tsumago juku(station) and the Magome juku tha is also famous for the birthplace of the great literay legend, Toson Shimazaki. The Kiso area holds deep mountains and valleys where people have coexisted with trees since ancient times and forestry became an important industry. Kiso's hinoki,or Japanese cypress trees.are considered particularly precious and are cherished as sacred trees at Ise Shirine. We named our company Hinokisoken in remembrance of the blessings we receive from this bountiful nature as we bring you cypress baths and other wooden baths.


HINOKI SOKEN CO.,LTD 305-15 Sakashita Nakatsugawa-City,Gifu-pref,509-9232,Japan
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